How to Reel In more Mobile Subscribers

A few simple steps to get people talking

When you’re looking at email marketing, there are still certain ways to obtain contact lists with several thousands of email id’s. There are legitimate businesses selling such lists to companies who wish to promote their products, services or offers. However, getting a mobile number from someone could be a whole different ball game. But don’t be disheartened just yet because the rewards that a business can generate for itself by means of having someone’s mobile number is substantially greater than any sort of email marketing campaign.

In our earlier discussions we have observed the stark differences between email marketing and SMS marketing, the sheer numbers are evidence that SMS marketing is the ideal tool for most businesses in Melbourne. Be it a restaurant or a recruitment agency, SMS marketing is known to streamline processes and offer quick results. In this piece we take a look at how a company can get more mobile subscribers:

  • Everybody loves an incentive

The bottom line is that if you need something from someone, chances are they would like something in return. Providing tiny incentives can contribute a whole lot to the success of marketing campaigns. For instance, a massage therapist can offer an extra 10 minutes for free if the customer is willing to opt-in to receive offers via SMS.

  • Be clear and concise

Letting your customers know the kind offers you supply can be a solid way of getting their trust. Ambiguity can lead to distrust and a phone number can only be provided if they think it is worth their while.

  • Honour your customer’s privacy

Having a clear cut opt-out policy can further add to the trust element. This assures your customers and potential customers that they can opt-out of the SMS campaign at any time they like. Not having a clear communication about this might lead to some discomfort and consequently a poor brand image.

There are several ways to achieve great results from your SMS campaigns, a little research and qualified marketing companies can go a long way towards achieving success.

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The Race For Fresh Content

Tips to refurbish existing content to save time and resources

Carrying out an SMS campaign relies heavily on the content that is to be sent out. Its the marketer’s responsibility to ensure that the content is engaging and offers vital information to the customers to serve the objectives of the business in question. However, coming up with new and engaging content for every SMS campaign can be stressful, especially if you create the content yourself and have a ton of other activities to take care of.

We have listed down some common tips and tricks that marketers use to reuse the existing content while ensuring that the copy is relevant and up to date:

● Update facts and information
If the content of your campaign speaks about certain facts or provides vital information, it is critical to ensure that the information is still valid in the current date. As we all know information can change overnight with the discovery or loss of something.

● Keywords
Keywords that were present in your previous SMS campaign might have supported it quite well. However, if you’re reusing the content, it should be noted what the context is and what are the keywords that are most suitable for the new campaign.

● URLs
Often we keep pasting the same old links/URLs into new text bodies. When doing this, it’s important to make sure that the URL is still valid. If your customers try to click through and end up lost on the internet, it could lead to a negative image in their minds.

● Re-publishing
Apart from knowing how to alter the content in the light of new requirements, timing also plays an important role. You wouldn’t like it if someone sent out the same message over and over again in the same two weeks or so. However, if the SMS serves as a reminder to customers about a certain offer, in the right time, it could lead to great customer retention and brand image.

● Keep it short
There is usually a tendency to add information to what was a precise message. Overloading text messages can be a downfall of an SMS campaign as most of your customers would not be willing to spend more than a few seconds on your message. That is the truth, and we can help our clients deal with such truths in a way that is profitable and sustainable.

If you have any more questions about your upcoming SMS campaign, we would be happy to help.

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SMS marketing

Effective Campaigns for Cafés and Restaurants

The charm and success of SMS marketing highly depends on its short messaging aspect, and actionable links. In our experience, the most effective campaigns are short and precise when it comes to the content. Furthermore, the message offers a quick actionable benefit to the customer.

SMS marketing is a highly potent tool of marketing and even administration. Both of these aspects can be utilised profitably when it comes to cafes and restaurants. These businesses are highly people oriented as they provide a service and seek to retain their customers over long durations of time. Here is a list of ways to keep your customers delighted through SMS marketing:

  • From Quiet time to Busy time, instantly

Due to the high efficiency of SMS marketing in terms of open rate and accessibility, you can turn around a quiet day into a bustling night. SMS is a great way to introduce new deals on the spot and draw in your clientele. For instance, if you’re offering a free bottle of wine for any bookings of over 4 people, this message will be seen instantly by the recipient and they can act upon it.

  • A Glimpse of the Menu

 This is a great way to generate interest and build your customer’s appetite. You could publish the day’s special in the SMS and above all, you can include a direct link to your menu. Over 15 million Australians own smartphones, which is most certainly an opportunity to lead them directly to the official website where they can browse the entire menu and make bookings.

If you’d like to know more about how SMS marketing can help your cafe or restaurant, we would be happy to provide the needed information.

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Double Marketing via SMS

Working both ways to ensure smooth business activities

Double marketing is the practice that is used nearly in all types of businesses. What it essentially means is that you are communicating with your supplier and your customers via SMS marketing techniques. Sounds a bit odd? Let us tell you more.

This is the concept of double marketing is best explained through the example of recruitment businesses that have to maintain consistent communication with both, the pool of candidates that they have, and the companies that recruit these candidates and give these agencies their commission. In saying this, we have found out that many recruitment agencies are not yet fully utilising this hidden gem of potential that comes at a very small price compared to other marketing techniques involving many thousands of dollars each month.

When Marketing to the Job Providing Organisations:

When recruiters have established a list of organisations that they constantly supply to, they can formulate a list of such similar clients. This can be done on the basis of industry. For instance, a large catering company that is constantly looking for chefs and kitchen hands to work casually or permanently. And once any given person leaves their current job, the recruitment agency can then inform the respective industry’s clients about this candidate. This can be done instantly through a text, giving a link to further clarify any needed information.

Organisations (clients) can benefit greatly from this service too as they are promptly informed about a new candidate. This leads to efficiency and a close relationship between the recruitment agency and the client.

 When Marketing to the Job Seekers:

The process of marketing to the job seekers is equally advantageous. This is so because, without a legitimate pool of qualified and experienced candidates, the agency would run out of business. SMS marketing helps to keep such candidates informed and active on the list. It’s a great way to constantly inform them about new opportunities and maintain a close relationship with the job seekers.

This is just one instance of how SMS marketing can transform your business in phenomenal ways. To know more, simply drop us an email or call us.

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SMS Marketing For All Type of Business Administration

We’ve spoken extensively about the marketing nature of SMS marketing. However, there’s a whole other world of application that is benefiting a lot of our clients come from diverse industries like health care, hospitality, retail, wholesale and much more.

SMS marketing is far more versatile than an average person would give it credit for. Its advantages only show themselves to those who endeavour to do business in a seamless and highly efficient manner. It’s like they say, if you don’t look, you’ll probably never find. Let us give you a few instances of how business owners are using the SMS technology to run their businesses:

  • Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes businesses ranging from small cafes and bakeries to the larger restaurants and catering companies. These businesses require employees to be constantly updated about their shift timings and other particulars. Furthermore, restaurant owners can also use automated SMS services to keep in touch with their suppliers and regular customers (information about special offers, happy hours, events and so on).

  • Retail

The retail industry thrives on customer retention like most types of business models. And what better way to get in touch with your patrons than through their smart phones. We have illustrated the advantages and the abundant limitations of email marketing in our previous articles. Smartphones are accessed nearly every 15 minutes and open rates are upwards of 95% for SMS marketing. In addition to this, retail administration can be carried out through SMS marketing. To allocate shifts and new working positions for employees. SMS services can also help to keep employees alert during peak seasons in order to maintain sufficient staffing requirements.

  • Health care

The health care industry benefits greatly by means of SMS administration. It is imperative to keep in touch with patients about their upcoming appointments so that your time and money isn’t wasted on a missed appointment. Furthermore, this service can also be used to inform patients about prescriptions that need to be renewed, test results and much more.

We have only tried to give you a taste of how effectively you can handle various aspects of your business. If you would be keen on finding out specific details relating to your business, get in touch today.

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Social Media Marketing VS SMS Marketing – The Why and How

Social media is the ultimate form of sending and receiving targeted information. The complexity of back-end algorithms is making the world a tiny place with the fantastic connectivity platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more offer. These days we can see that nearly every business seeks to establish a social media presence, in keeping with the times and to target a large group of people in desired locations and under the desired demographics.

How the Social Media Myth is Working:

We have found that new SME business owners are assuming that they can achieve their marketing goals by maintaining a consistent social media feed. While it’s of great importance to maintain your brand image and reach out to new potential customers, it cannot actually deliver your message in the right time to get you the desired outcome.

Why Compare Social Media with SMS Marketing:

  • Liberty
    SMS marketing gives businesses greater liberty to deal with the people on their “list”. These are people who have shown the certain interest in your products and services and are okay to receive updates from you. This is not the case on Facebook. Furthermore, you are bound to save a lot more funds with this concept of owned media rather than paid media, which is Facebook. SMS marketing depends on the package you have chosen and offers great numbers to work with.
  • Pay to Boost
    It was pretty clear that we would start off this article by discussing the price aspect. To a business, every move is accounted for financially. And no business should invest in any activity without having some experience of success from it or by the sheer logic of the activity.
    Facebook requires you to pay to boost your post. For instance, you could spend $20 and reach out to 1000 users. Without which, the organic reach of your posts would be less than 6%.
  • 97% Open Rate
    This point hardly needs much explaining. As we know that SMS marketing takes our message directly to recipients immediately. And it is a well-known fact that 97% of the messages are opened immediately when they are received.
  • No Smartphone, No Problem
    SMS marketing can help you to reach out to even those customers who have not yet found the idea of using a smartphone appealing. However, you cannot download the Facebook app unless you have a smartphone.

It is always great to get a second and a third opinion on any marketing techniques you plan to adopt. For more information, you can always contact us.

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SMS Marketing

Why Go for SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a technology that might not seem very cutting edge from a distance. However, when you start to realise the advantage it has to offer, that is when you start paying attention. Being one of the most cost-effective and successful forms of direct marketing, SMS marketing is a method that is helping nearly every industry and profession out there. From restaurant managers trying to manage internal staff to retail managers trying to draw in repeat purchases, SMS marketing is the go-to tool!
Here are some of the advantages that SMS marketing can offer:

  • Keeping up with the cool ones
    Email marketing is being looked upon with suspicious eyes and weary gazes. It is past its prime now and most young people relate email marketing to spams. However, text messaging is still strong due to its more personal approach to message delivery.
  • Environmentally forward
    While this point also applies for email marketing, we would like to mention this as it is the need of the hour!
  • Reliability
    As we mentioned earlier about spam emails, text messages don’t have to deal with such filters. They are often trusted by the customer and create a better impression than that of a message lying somewhere in the junk folder of your email inbox.
  • Opt-out- just say the word!
    It is extremely easy to opt-out of SMS marketing campaigns. Simply communicate to your customer the one or two word cue to allow them to opt-out of receiving any further messages. It’s that simple!
  • Open rate frenzy
    This goes without saying, you are very unlikely to go back to your email inbox and open that mysterious promotional email that might or might not be spam. However, over 90% of the text messages are opened. This assures delivery of the message.
  • Obligation to keep it short
    Marketers are obligated to keep text messages short. Therefore, you can concentrate on getting the most important pieces of information to the customer. This is far more efficient when you want to encourage customers to act in respect to the text message. For instance, they can be prompted to make a booking at a restaurant or participate in a quick survey or competition.

SMS Marketing has always shown signs of being the ultimate form of direct marketing out there, and now we are even certain about the coming future of it. Join the revolution with us!

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Email Marketing to SMS Marketing

Moving from Email Marketing to SMS Marketing

Email marketing has been in boom ever since the PC and Macintosh devices have flourished in nearly all homes across the worlds. It has provided marketers with a personal approach to marketing directly to their existing and potential customers.

However, with highly controversial open rates, being in the range of 25%-35%, marketers have started to consider other forms of direct marketing. Email marketing was pretty much a step-up for marketing through letters. It could be seen as a more environmentally friendly way of being dismissed by most receivers. Email marketing has never been able to fully realise its potential.

Here is a list of differences between Email marketing and SMS marketing:

Email- Open rates of 25%-35% are said to increase slightly with increase in the number of campaigns sent out each month. This can be viewed as spamming in some cases.

SMS- Open rates soar at about 99%. This is quite magnificent in terms of getting your message out there effectively. Furthermore, 97% of these messages are opened in the first 15 minutes.

Email- As mentioned above, the open rates can increase only with excessive campaigns being sent out every month. This reduces the availability of original content, can increase cost and is still not guaranteed to be opened by the readers.

SMS- Due to the high exclusivity of this method, it is expected that customers can respond to the offers in less than 4-6 text messages.

Email- Email marketing can only serve as promotional tools for marketing products and services.

SMS- Owing to the high open rates, SMS marketing opens up possibilities of being used as an reminder service for time-sensitive offers, appointments and staff communications.

We do not encourage our clients to stick to just one form of marketing and ignore the others. We simply urge them to try everything and see what works. We hope our information about the differences can help you to plan your next marketing campaign.

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Email To Sms

Best and Easy-To-Use Email to SMS Messaging Service Australia

Need to send an email to someone’s phone as a short SMS? Try the Email to SMS service from SMS Solutions Australia.

What is Email to SMS Messaging Service?

Email to SMS is a form of technology that converts standard emails into SMS messages. This service works on a list of customised clients, enabling business owners, brand executives, marketing teams, campaign supporters to send messages directly to the intended recipients. All this happens with a simple click of a button!

How does it work? Choose a email client of your choice, compose and email using your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Instead of entering the email address in the recipient box, enter the phone number. Enter the appropriate corresponding gateway address as per the service provider. Voila! Your Email to SMS is sent with ease.

Despite the fact that everyone can read emails on their smartphones, there are always a range of situations when sending a short email as a SMS can be advantageous and more practical. The benefits of email to SMS service are extensive!

  • Seamless software integration between the existing systems and SMS platform
  • Accessibility by multiple users from different accounts
  • No development skills needed to integrate
  • A detailed report along with responses from recipients
  • Simple to use software
  • Centralised management of all the communications with the selected email client
  • Simplified and cost-effective SMS communication
  • 24/7 customer care services

Improve your business processes with Email to SMS service, in Australia and abroad. SMS Solutions Australia can make it easier to send SMS reminders, confirmations, alerts, hardware monitoring alerts, staff & team alerts, marketing & promotional offers directly from one application. We simply convert your email into a SMS and deliver it, with the whole communications then arriving as detailed emails. Call us to avail our easy Email to SMS platform at 1800 823 859.

Sending a SMS has never been so simple!

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Crafting the Ideal SMS Marketing Message in 2017

SMS marketing is changing how businesses are communicating with their customers. Not only does it provide a means of instant communication, it also offers 98% open rate shortly after they are received by their recipients. If you’re looking for a way to quickly communicate with your customers about any special deals or events, SMS marketing is the most ideal and affordable tool out there.

In this article we will take a look at some key points that marketers and business owners should keep in mind while formulating SMS marketing messages:

  • Short and Snappy

We have stressed on this point in an earlier article as well. This should always be a primary consideration because your customers don’t always have time to read through yet another promotional message. So make sure that it is short and snappy- all the required information in the least amount of words as possible.

  • Targeting your Customers

Would you try to sell a home to a 20 year old? The chances of a 20 year old considering property rates is quite thin. What we are getting is at, when we target our campaign to the right audience; you are likely to have a successful campaign. Allow your customers to opt in and opt out of promotional messages. This will save you from looking like a pushy salesman and help you to focus on those customers who are really interested.

  • Introduce Yourself

Mention the name of the business right away (in the start of the message), this gives customer an option if they want to read on further or not.

  • Saying the Right Things

We urge our clients to use professional language and avoid using any popular abbreviations or slang words. While your company might endeavour to seem cool, the use of such language only damages the credibility of the business in the eyes of the reader.

  • Actionable Messages

Make sure to include a call to action in your message so that the customer knows how to interact with the message in question. It can either be requesting them to call on a certain number, or reply with a few letters.

These tips are just a high level analysis of the text that we have come across in the recent times. For more information about SMS Marketing, don’t hesitate to drop us an email with your questions.

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